Axial Change & Your Eye

The last session was a bit of a tough one.

But I need a few things to be in your toolbox so we can start getting your focusing muscle back to a happier place.  And then, to start affecting the actual (currently excessive) length of your eyeball.

Axial change as medical science commonly calls it, or “retinal shaping” as I sometimes call it. We want your eyeball to start getting the right kind of stimulus so it’ll stop growing longer, and start adjusting to less and less prescriptions.

To get to all that, and have you not just read but be able to take action, we need that close-up prescription.  It’s a key to the next level.

You’re doing well so far!

There’s a reason I stopped letting the general public just come to the site and buy my program.  It probably costs me a fair amount of money, but I’d rather screen my participants carefully and pick the winners.

You got the sign-up page after a barrage of e-mails.  Most people don’t read through all that e-mal, so they end up missing the e-mail with the sign-up option.

I found it necessary to do that, to make sure that only the smart and properly motivated (yup, that’s you) make it to this program.  Because you will get a few sessions in this program like that last one, and despite the fact that it requires thinking and taking action, you are the type won’t just put it off, or give up.

There are those people put it off, don’t follow instructions, and then they come whining a month later saying they can’t figure it out, and aren’t getting improvements.  And then they complain about me, and that in turn makes nobody’s life any better.  I had to get rid of the slackers, to make sure that this approach would get to just the people who’ll actually leverage it.

Once I went to this format of many e-mails and limited sign up, that problem pretty much disappeared.  I’ve got participants like you, who are on top of things.

But … if you are here, reading, without having done the work for the last session yet …

Don’t worry.  I’m accounting for that possibility.  Smart, motivated people tend to also have busy lives.  Odds are somewhere around 50/50 that you’ve got the last session’s action items on your calendar, but not done yet.

To move forward though, you’ll need the differential prescription to leverage all the excellent things I have in store for you.  It’s a core tool for the right kind of stimulus, and you’ll need them to discover one of my favorite vision improvement ingredients:  “active focus”.

So if you haven’t yet, pick one of the ways I suggested to figure out your differential prescription.  (revisit the last session if necessary).  Don’t move on to the next session, before you complete the action items from this one.  Trust me!

After work perhaps today, head over to a convenience store, use their reading glasses to figure out your prescription.  If you don’t know your regular glasses prescription, stop by any big chain optometrist, make up an excuse to have them read the prescription off the lenses (it’s easy to do, they have a tool that just reads the lenses and tells the diopters).  You might just say that they’re your old glasses and you can’t remember if they’re the right prescription.

Two pretty simple things.

Make sure you’ve got your centimeter numbers.  Don’t put it off.  If it has to be on the weekend, just make sure to mark your calendar, and don’t get into a habit of opening new sessions without doing the action items before.  It happens to participants, and then they end up starting over.  I’m telling you all this to avoid their mistakes.

And I promise you:  upcoming sessions will require much, much less going-out-and-doing-things. We just need to get you some tools, and I’m doing it right in the beginning so we have it out of the way.

And then if you’re not entirely sure, drop me a note in the forum with all your data and I’ll help with suggestions and fine tuning.

What if you’re top of the class, and already did everything?

Well.  Great!

Action Items

1.  If you did and you have all the numbers and no questions, order yourself a differential prescription. is a good site, and you might Google around for other online shops that sell glasses.   You can also grab them locally if you have a friendly optometrist who’ll let you get curiously low prescriptions.

Keep it inexpensive, the first differential prescription is rarely used more than 4-6 weeks.  Do make sure to get AR coating (here’s why).

Your PD is probably around 62, though Zenni also shows you how to easily measure it.

2.  If you didn’t get your numbers yet, see above review of what to do.  Put it on your schedule, for the earliest possible time, (do it right now!) to stop at some chain store optometrist to have your glasses read for their current script, and a convenience store to test some reading glasses.

Or use one of the other options I mentioned in the last session.

You’re on the right track.  😉

Questions?  Don’t stay confused.  Drop me a note in the forum!


– Jake

Session:  Video Stream

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