Change is in the air, [s2Get user_field=”first_name” /].

Let me fill you in on what is happening behind the scenes, with your eyes.

If you’ve been following along with the sessions so far, there are some significant changes afoot inside your eyeballs, as well as your visual cortex.

This may right now seem far fetched, something that you’re allowing yourself to suspend disbelief on.  Because you’ve been told all your life that your eyes are broken, that glasses are the only answer, you are subconsciously conditioned to not truly believe and therefore look for other solutions.

I know where you’re at.  Hopeful, ready to put in the work, but doubt still has its place.

Think about a time for a moment, when you undertook some serious effort for self improvement.  Maybe the first time you started lifting weights, or running, or any other new physical activity.

Truly, just for a moment, think back at such a time.

Remember how many things changed, when you started that new activity?  The awkward moments, the pains waking up the next morning, the new and strange sensations in your body?

The body.  An amazing, adaptive system.  Always tuning to the demands of its environment.

Here’s what’s happening to your eyes right now.

Just like when you first started a new, challenging physical activity, a lot is going on.  Your eyes aren’t like a leg muscle, big and relatively simple, and full of nerves and feedback mechanisms.  Your eyes are more subtle, more complex.

And the years of wearing big prescription glasses conditioned your eyes.  The countless hours of closeup conditioned your eyes and your brain.

Now though, maybe for the first time ever, you are starting to pay attention to your eyes.

You are taking breaks.  For the first time in perhaps many years, you are using less prescription strength.  You are challenging your eyes into a bit of blur, and pushing them to make a clearer image.  You are combining a gentler approach to close-up, with more breaks and less strong glasses, with stimulus for focus.

I’m a cynic, distrustful of fringy holistic medicine type things.  And yet ironically enough, I’m here to tell you this:

You are starting to feel where you are straining your eyes.

You are getting to where you can’t do a 10 hour marathon close-up session anymore, without having more fatigue feelings than you remember having before.

You notice more blur late in the day, after a long day, in poor lighting.

Everybody reacts differently, and as I’m writing this, I know you could be one of many different kinds of myopes.  Still and regardless, today you are less willing and able to just flog your eyes.  At least you are less likely to do so without noticing.

This emerging sense of where the visual well-being starts and ends is what we need before we can look at changing your distance prescription.

You may have noticed that we only talk about close-up, and close-up prescription so far.

That’s because it makes no sense to get into changing your distance prescription, or talk about distance vision a whole lot, until we address close-up.  Until you start to feel when you overdo it. That’s why we started out with those 20 minute breaks, with keeping a log, with the sad and happy centimeter.  They were all little tricks that work together to bring your conscious awareness to your eyesight.  I quite literally spent years honing these tricks, trying out different permutations, having supportive clients who let me compare what works best.

Because what I really needed you to get to, is that sensation in your head.  That sensation when you actually feel your eyes saying, “[s2Get user_field=”first_name” /], I’m getting tired”.

I know that sounds silly.  Because you’ve always been not told to be kind to your eyes. (and how to)

You wouldn’t be myopic if the “treatment” hadn’t created an environment where you are disconnected from your eyesight.  And shanti-shanti fluff talk or not, that’s the reality.  If you don’t feel pain, if you’re never told that close-up is a problem, then you can be glued to screens for every waking hour.

Your visual cortex is being stimulated by the blur challenges.  Instead of the slow decline path you were on before, the cortex is now having to interpret a changing signal.  Your eyes themselves are getting a shorter focal plane, the focus is moving forward in your eyes, instead of back further.  The stimulus is no longer for an elongating eyeball, for the first time.  Your focusing muscle is no longer in fully contracted mode, all day long.

Every part of your eyesight system is now being challenged with lowered focal planes and the system is waking up to meet the challenge.  You never actively looked for and resisted blur as some inevitable reality before.  You are seeing the first signs of your eyes and brains responding to it.

Just like the gym will make you stronger, the habits you have been learning are reshaping your eyes and your brain.

Long story, short point.  You are starting to feel eye strain.  Well done!

We’re going to take another two weeks or so at least, to let the close-up habits do their work.  Let you get those habits in order, work on your active focus, see if you can gain a few more centimeters.  Just even the process of straining your ciliary muscles less will yield an increase in your centimeter distance.

And once we have that all calmed and relaxed, we’ll take a long, close look at what you actually need for good distance vision.

So follow along these next sessions.  If need be, go back and go back over the previous ones.  Take your time, ease into it, and past all my philosophizing here, keep a log of your centimeter.  The hard numbers, the unquestionable reality of 100/centimeter = diopter.

If you want to progress without hiccups, this is the way to go.  You’ll find yourself needing less prescription than the optometrist told you, to see that 20/20 on the eye chart, before long.

And once you have that very first lowered distance prescription, you’ll have officially graduated the first level.  The first lesser prescription, the first of many you’ll accomplish using the tools and habits you are learning in these sessions.

Action Items

Allow your inner eye guru to start accepting the reality that you indeed found a method to reverse your myopia.  Allow yourself to accept the admittedly a bit silly notion of the eye guru.  Jake isn’t the eye guru.  Jake is a mirage, a disembodied voice that put you on a path.  YOU are the eye guru.  Even if you are cynic, even if life has yielded more disappointments than you care to remember, let a little light in.  Let yourself get a little weird, just sometimes, in that quiet space in your mind.

You are [email protected]#$^-ing conquering the optometrist lie.  You are getting back your eyesight, something they took from you, something you didn’t even truly think was possible.  It’s all right to look at your centimeter logs, through your reduced prescription, and give yourself a little nod.  In a world where we need all the sanity we can get, trust my lead.  Trust that you might as well enjoy watching that centimeter distance grow, and your prescription dependence diminish.

You are kicking ass.


– Jake

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