This is a reminder post, to keep yourself fully engaged with distance vision practices.

In the last few installments we have been discussing the difference between blur and double vision – and how you can leverage them to continue challenging your viewing distance.

This is an important subject, especially when you are outdoors, practicing pulling focus for distant objects.  Most of the ongoing improvement tends to come from this exercise, while the focus pushing (up-close) work takes on a secondary role in your vision improvement work.

There is no skipping the process, however.  You first need strain awareness, proper close-up habits, adjust prescriptions, get active focus, recognize clear focus triggers, and eventually get into working on reconciling clear but double (or multiple) image vision, especially at a distance.

Set yourself a reminder for this practice:

When you are outdoorslook for double images (easiest to see in distant text – signs, license plates, etc).  When you notice them, recognize the double image.  There is no need to squint or blink, just take some time of simple awareness, to engage your visual cortex, and give yourself some time to align these images.  A quick blink can be helpful, but give it some time first, as most of the work here happens inside your brain.

This may not always happen, but the more you practice active awareness, the more progress you will see.

As always, consider the need to build this as a habit.  You want it to become an automatic, reflexive action – look at distant writing, see the double image, look at the double image for several moments, blink.  You can reconcile the double image, it just takes your brain a bit of time to do so – and to begin doing it consistently.

This practice will also help in using reduced distance prescriptions (try your peak prescription, or if you have low myopia, use no glasses for a while).

Get it on your habit list!

Note:  We’re almost done with all of the core sessions.  Soon we’ll be moving on to monthly tips, ideas, reminders and special tricks I never share in the blog.  This should help keep you motivated and enjoying the process, without taking up much of your busy life.  🙂



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