By this point in the program you are well prepared to explore the most powerful part of the @endmyopia method.

You have the pre-requisites we need for recognizing and leveraging the phenomenon we are about to discuss. You have the differential prescription, you have the peak prescription (not mandatory but very useful), you know how to use active focus. You are sensitive to conditions, and you know how far you can push your eyesight to get the most centimeter distance.

There is one key element to the program, that I have left out so far.

Some clients have discovered this one their own, and you might well be one of them. If you have been able to make increases to your centimeter distance of more than 5-10 centimeters within a matter of 15 minutes, then you already know about the double vision phenomenon. Congratulations to you. But if you are still working on single centimeters, or fractions thereof, you will quite enjoy this discovery.

Key to making leaps in gaining vision improvements, is to distinguish between two types of blur that you encounter.

In fact, only one of the two ways you don’t see clearly, is actually blur. The whole image is just ‘fuzzy’. It is what you were getting when you started the program, in all likelihood. By now though, there are biological improvements to your eyesight that your brain is not fully processing. This type of ‘blur’ is actually double vision. There is a very effective way to clear double vision, and you can do this in a matter of 10 to 30 minutes (given that you have worked through all the other installments of the program thus far).

I attached some images here, to help you identify blur, and double vision.

This is just blur.

This next image is an exaggeration. For most of you, at first blur and double vision appears to be the same thing. I am using this image to highlight the differences. Look for that effect, just more subtle, in your exercise:

Exaggerated double vision.

Your brain and your eyes work together to clear up double vision. This is not a ciliary exercise, like most of the work that has come before now. At this stage in the program we begin to work more with the neuroscience aspects of your eyesight, which can very significantly increase your vision, in a very short (less than an hour) periods of time. I don’t advertise this on the free part of the site, since it would sound too much like the snake oil sales you find on the Internet in general. But now that your eyesight has already improved quite a bit, you are actually ready to leverage this aspect of the #endmyopia Method.

Open this image PDF in a new browser window. We need a specific font range to make this work effectively, at least initially. Once you understand the premise, you can use other text to create the same result.

Make sure to do this in the morning, well lit room, high resolution screen.

Look at the text on the image. Look only at the headline, the bold font. Recognize whether it is actually blurred, or a double vision image. Just look at it, without blinking (unless you must, don’t strain yourself). There is zero effort involved here, just simply look at the heading. Do you recognize how it is actually two separate images, each sharp, but slightly off, like two identical images moved just slightly apart?

There are significant odds that you will get this. If not, e-mail or comment in the forum.

You can do this at a comfortable distance, there is no need to be fully at the edge of blur (80% is a good reference). Depending on your monitor resolution, the image size may vary. You want that heading, in bold, to be about 18 points or larger. Basically like the headline of a news article in a magazine, just a little smaller.

This whole exercise involves zero effort, strain, conscious active focus. All you will be doing, is to look at the headline. Make a point of making absolutely no effort to focus, you are only, solely, singularily looking for how the image is actually a product of double vision. Look for how it is two sharp images, super imposed.

Don’t read the headline. Just look at it. Ignore the text below (but don’t cover it up).

You may be doing this for at least five to ten minutes. Stay relaxed, just simply look at the heading. Don’t squint, don’t push focus, don’t do anything. This is about your brain, you are looking at this image with your mind, you are not trying to use the biology of your eyes to focus the image. This isn’t a ciliary exercise.

After anywhere from a minute, to five minutes (maybe a bit more), you will notice something very peculiar. The two images will merge, right before your eyes, without you making any effort whatsoever.

Not blinking is best, though you will need to occasionally. Don’t strain not to blink, but also don’t blink if you don’t really have to.

As the image merges, just continue to look at the heading. Don’t read it, don’t make any efforts, just appreciate the amazing fact that you can now see the heading clearly. Look at the text below. Avoid squinting or blinking, if you can.

Now move back from the screen.

It is quite likely that you can move back a lot. 10 centimeters, maybe 20, possibly even 30 centimeters. The image won’t change, since your brain has merged the visual to remove the perceived ‘blur’ (double vision, in reality).

You will likely loose this effect after a short while. No matter, try again, starting over from the beginning.

30 minutes of this, at the beginning of the day, is recommended.

After you conclude this exercise successfully, go for a walk using your peak prescription. Pull focus. Notice how fast, how accurate, how effortless you can now pull distant writing into focus (it should be writing, for most of us this processes most effectively). If you can get a 30 minute walk, pulling focus casually, you will get the most from this exercise.

Not taking enough breaks in the day, too much close-up, poor lighting, not enough distance significantly reduce your ability to create this result. Imagine you are training for a half marathon. If you smoke while you do it, your results will be much more limited. Close-up is as detrimental as smoking. Maintain excellent habits, and this double vision exercise will really push your vision improvement to another level.

Note also that there are exceptions, this does not work for everyone. It works for most clients though, so the odds are that you will enjoy a nice breakthrough by practicing this daily.



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