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Let’s jump right in with today’s session.

Up until now we were being quite conservative with the focus pushing.  It’s time we get a bit more aggressive.

This week, let’s really push some focus.  It is important that you get good breaks and ideally a day off from close-up this week (should be one day every week, but life can get in the way).  If you experience any strain symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, or multiple centimeters reduction in distance, go back to your previous routine and send me a note in the forum..

So far you spent quite a bit of time at the farther end of your range, using your differential prescription.  We did a bit of actively pushing focus.  The goal was to slowly acclimate your eyes to this very different approach to vision (active participation in focus, vs. passively achieving sharp vision via full prescriptions).  By now, you should have a good awareness for close-up strain (fatigue, pressure sensation in the eyeball, even tearing towards the end of the day if you take it too far).   Knowing your limits, and having your eyes used to a bit of work, it is time to push a bit farther;

This week, if you spend five to six days close-up most of the day – take three to four of those days, and try to stay actively on the edge of focus just as much as you can (as much as you remember to, and stopping if you feel fatigue).

We are going all out.  Imagine if you were preparing for a triathlon, starting with absolutely no activity.  You would slowly start building exercise into your day, until your body has built up the muscle and stamina to handle the strain of competition.  You would not just get off the couch one day and partake in a triathlon – your body would likely be injured from the sudden strain.  But once you work up to a certain level, you know you can push the envelope.

That is where we are here, in today’s session.  You can push the envelope.

When you are doing your regular work, anytime you remember, stop and blink.  See if you can move back a half a centimeter, or a whole centimeter.  Close one eye, refocus, close the other, refocus.  Both eyes open, you now see the text a bit more clearly again.  Push it, a little, all day long.

This may have the side benefit of getting you away from the computer screen a bit more.  Rather than passively consuming information (and doing your work of course), it’s now active focusing all day.  You might be glad to get away from it, enjoy that break even more, maybe take the evening to go for a walk, chat with friends, or research and explore a new eye friendly hobby.

Next week, we will take it a bit easier.

So this week, see how much focus you can push.  Keep a log of your centimeter results, see what, if anything, changes.  If you are in one-on-one, send me the results via e-mail.  If in the Web program, post in the forum if you would like feedback.

Put a little note in your calendar, to remind yourself to push more focus each day this week. Then next week, take it extra easy.

Tomorrow, let’s talk a bit more about the layers of meanings behind your centimeter results.



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