This installment is a follow-up to Focal Plane Equalizing (do that one first).

We are going on the assumption here that the difference between your left eye and right eye centimeter measurements are equal to, or less than 15%.  If it’s more, skip this installment for now (post in the forum or send me an e-mail if in one-on-one).

Participate in your day and eye work as usual.

In addition to your regular day, we will add 10 minutes per day of focus differential exercise. The premise of this is quite simple:

Patch the strong eye of your differential prescription (!) so you can only see with your weak eye.

Ideally the patch is translucent (lets light through) but does not allow for reading. If you don’t have access to material to accomplish this, just cover the lens with anything you may have available.

It’s better though if you can have both eyes open, both eyes receiving light, but only your weak eye being able to see an actual image and focusing on it.

Do the exercise early in the day, but after at least a half hour of wearing your differential prescription, and having done a bit of pushing focus:

Continue staying at the edge of focus, but now with the strong eye lens covered. Do you regular work or recreational activity, but specifically at the edge of focus. This does not need to take on any sort of strain or notable significance. We are slowly introducing the focal plane error signal to just your weak eye.

There is no benefit whatsoever to do this for a longer period, at this juncture.

Later on we will increase intensity and add some variation. For now, we just want to add a very light stimulus to our regular day-to-day activity.

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