We spent quite a bit of time so far on preparing for better vision.

All of this has been work. Getting a Snellen chart.  Keeping measurements.   Activities, and more activities. The inconvenience of blur, remembering to go outside, having to take breaks from the computer screen. Having to figure out focal-plane exercise prescriptions. Posting questions in the forum. You want better eyesight, so you are putting in the work.

You are likely seeing flashes of improvements. You are probably enjoying the learning experience, and the promise of better eye sight. And still, I believe we should add as much positive reinforcement to the process as we can find.

Today I’ll tell you about one of my favorite tools, something inspired by a client many years ago, that many clients since have enjoyed.


In particular, sunglass treats.  Generally speaking, I advocate against sunglasses. We want lots of (shaded) U.V. exposure. A hat and no glass obstruction in front of your eyes is ideal. But then many of you are not at that point where you would enjoy extended outdoor time with no corrective lenses. So while we want to get as much outdoor indirect U.V. exposure as we can, it is perfectly ok to wear corrective lens sunglasses outdoors (just take them off for 20 or 30 minutes once in a while).

That covered, let’s get on to the rehab treat to consider:

Go sunglasses shopping.  Don’t buy, just window shop.  Browse online, the Oliver Peoples, the Ray Bans, explore brands within some reasonably attainable budget. Check out different materials, different looks. Find yourself some really nice sunglass frames.

Build a flow of motivation by giving yourself rewards.

But … don’t buy them just yet!

(If you are opposed to rewards through material possession, of course, forego this suggestion. Better vision by itself is plenty of reward. In case you are open to additional inspiration, this is the bit of guilty pleasure to add a bit of extra incentive to this whole process.)

You get to buy those sunglasses once we have acclimated to the differential prescription, which is coming up in a few more sessions.

They will be a reduced prescription, possibly your FIRST EVER REDUCED PRESCRIPTION. This warrants some celebration, and the trophy for accomplishing a significant drop in diopter, and your new established path to vision improvement – a very nice pair of sunglasses.

There is of course, as always, more to it than just a simple excuse to buy something. You only use sunglasses outdoors. New ones may be that extra nudge to get you outside.

Then there is the physical manifestation of your accomplishment, the tangible proof of having succeeded through the first milestone of rehab, that piece of glass with a significantly reduced prescription, which serves as a reminder. Which you can wear, and it makes you look good out there. There is a reason that everywhere from pre-school homework all the way to the Olympics, a physical token of achievement is presented. It provides us with a sense of satisfaction, and in this case, you get to wear the accomplishment with pride.

With my in-person clients, I always make this deal. You don’t get to buy the glasses till your eye guru concedes that you are ready.  We do the follow up Snellen after the differential prescription, your eyes are indeed fully adjusted, you earned it. In more than a few cases I even bought the frames for the client.  (though my in-person therapy is a wee bit more pricey than the BackTo20/20 program!)

I suggest this:  You should have an introduction in the forum by now, posted Snellen and centimeter results, and be making good progress with finding active focus.  A few more milestones to come, and once we accomplish a strong Snellen with the reduced prescription, it is shopping time.

Just like having a personal trainer, part of the reason to have a program, is to be held to a standard that you will be compelled to follow.

We all have those days of lacking motivation. If you commit yourself to listen to my advice, if your program participation is your commitment to vision improvement, then it is my job to keep you on target. And to keep you there, feedback is necessary to know where you’re at.


No matter your personal choice, I hope you are enjoying the process!


– Jake


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